A fundraising project for Kaikoura
and a great little stocking stuffer.

6 illustrated limited edition A6 prints. $20 a set.


All proceeds go to the
Kaikoura community.



On the 14th of November 2016 a pretty big earthquake struck Kaikoura, up the coast from us in Christchurch, New Zealand. We’ve had our fair share of quakes here, but it’s strange, this one hit home in a different sort of way— it’s hard to explain.

Kaikoura is our place to escape, surfing at Meatworks, spearfishing down from the tunnels, surfcasting on the shingle beach at Peketa campground — stuff like that.

The coast and the critters that live there play an important part in our lives, and for the locals — the sea is the lifeblood of the community.

So as a studio we made some calls to our illustrator buddies and came up with a plan. We also got some amazing support from our printers, paper suppliers & NZ Post — thanks! All the illustrators donated their talents to create our set of six illustrations depicting our friends from the ocean in a limited edition 6 postcard set. 1000 only.

All the proceeds will go back to Kaikoura so they can hopefully start to work out what to do for the people, the coast and the creatures that live amongst the waves. 

Stephen McCarthy / McCarthy Design


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